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Student Recitals

Student Recitals

The Club holds four Young Musicians Recitals and one Adult Student Recital each year at the Colonnades in Charlottesville. All area music teachers, regardless of Club membership, are welcome to submit their students to perform in these recitals.

Young Musicians Recitals

The dates for the 2018 – 2019 Young Musicians’ Recitals are:

October 14, 2018 1:30 PM applications due October 4, 2018
January 20, 2019 1:30 PM applications due January TBD 2019
March 17, 2019 1:30 PM applications due March TBD, 2019
April 28, 2019 1:30 PM applications due April TBD, 2019

Application [pdf]

Send applications to: Doris Vander Meulen, dvmeulen@gmail.com.

Adult Student Recital

May, 2018 2:00 PM

Location: TBD
Applications due: TBD
Time limit: 10 minutes

For the Adult Student Recital - Please indicate via email whether the student is for instrument or voice, the name of piece and the composer.

Questions may be directed to TBD.

The 2018-2019 application forms are to be emailed or mailed to the appropriate recital designee as stated above. General questions may be directed to Doris Vander Meulen, dvmeulen@gmail.com.