Celebrating 95 years in Charlottesville, VA

About Wednesday Music Club

About Wednesday Music Club

The Wednesday Music Club is made up of over one hundred and fifty men and women from the Charlottesville, Virginia area. We are listeners, performers, and music advocates who share a love of music and a desire to support and encourage young musicians in central Virginia.

The Club provides opportunities for members and their guests to perform at monthly meetings. Small informal groups within the Club gather regularly for study or performance. Regularly scheduled student recitals are sponsored by the Club, where the students of any teacher in the community can perform for a very supportive audience. Most importantly, each year the Club distributes thousands of dollars in scholarships, awards, and music lesson tuition assistance to young musicians.

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Our Mission

The Wednesday Music Club promotes and expands quality musical and educational opportunities for its members, for teachers, for music lovers, and for the youth of Central Virginia through regular performances, shared group experiences, competitions, and financial support.

Our Vision

The Wednesday Music Club will foster and sustain a vibrant music climate throughout Central Virginia, especially among young people.

Our History

The Wednesday Music Club has accomplished over 90 years of music making and community involvement in Central Virginia. Learn More

2019-2020 Board Members

Officers/Executive Committee

President: Content Sablinsky
Vice President: Dana Patek
Treasurer: Brian A. Garrison
Secretary: Carol Parkerson

Committee Chairs

Membership Co-Chair: Diane Kingsbury
Membership Co-Chair: Linda Smith
Corresponding Secretary: Linda Smith
Program: Laurie Shulman
Competition Chair: Mary Vee Connell
Tuition Scholarship: Barbara Moore
Young Musicians/Adult Student Recitals: Dana Patek/Pat Davis
Newsletter: Ann Etchison
Webmaster: Michele Carragan
Yearbook Coordinator: Judy Hightower
Parliamentarian: Barbara Moore
Members-at-Large: Anna Farrell, Donna Authers, Ann Friberg, Betty Natoli, James Prodan, Natsuko Rohde, Cecily Winchell, and Rae Skinner
MUSIC HERE! Chair: Nancy Bertram
MUSIC HERE! Coordinator: Michele Carragan\
Alma Huesing Piano Camp: Barbara Moore
Strategic Planning Pat Davis, Mary Vee Connell
Support Funds: Corky Sablinsky
Fermata Coordinator: Rosalyn Preston
Archivist: not filled
Club Photographer: Miriam Carratt