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The club is a volunteer organization including performances. We encourage our members to help in some way. Please indicate how you might participate (check one or more).

DUES and DONATIONS: Dues for the year are $30. After January 1, dues are $15.00. Dues cover only some of our administrative costs. Thank you for considering a gift to Wednesday Music Club in addition to your dues. Your donation may go into our general fund or be made “in memory” or “in honor” of someone.

There are many and varied opportunities for WMC members to become involved with our Club’s activities and mission. Descriptions of some are listed below. It’s a great way to meet new people and participate in our dynamic group. If you see something that suits you, check it! A WMC member will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have. Thank you and welcome!

Greeting: Offer a welcoming smile and hello to our members and guests at our general meetings and events.

Social: Assist with refreshments and other arrangements for a variety of WMC activities including the Fall Luncheon, Competition, Winners’ Recital, Soirées, and special WMC celebrations. This is a festive way to be a part!

MUSIC HERE! : Do you know how to read music? Have you ever played or do you play an instrument? Do you like encouraging young students? Our after school music program in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and our public schools provides a chance to work an hour or so a week with students in grades 2 through 6 in a team setting with other WMC members.

Program Committee: Are you interested in performing in any way for one of the Club’s monthly meetings? If performing is not for you, there are other aspects of our Program Committee that might suit you—coordinating with our venue (currently First Presbyterian Church), helping our performers on meeting day, wrapping gifts for our performers, administrative duties.

Fermata: Meet informally at a member’s home with others to enjoy playing music together.

WMC Competition: The Competition (January) and Winners Recital (March) are highlights of the club year requiring many hands to achieve the best possible results. There are several sub-committees that work together to assist with reviewing the previous year’s efforts and procedures, scheduling judges and volunteers, making area teachers aware of the competition and the community aware of the Recital as well as sending notes of appreciation.

Financial and Audit: WMC employs a professional financial advisor as Treasurer. Our Financial and Audit Committee provides oversight and assistance with budgeting and longer range planning.

Computer Assistance: Are you familiar with Word, Excel, or Pages? We value advice and occasional technical help as we work through our administrative duties each year.

Mailings: Help stuff and stamp envelopes twice a year to distribute our Fall and Spring letters to our membership.

Website and Social Media: Help our Webmaster maintain and update our WMC website, an important communication tool for us. Keep our Facebook page up to date.

Publicity: WMC has an amazing story to tell! Be a part of helping us get the good word out to our community. We have a ready track for you to use to get the job done.

Support Funds Committee: Assist with our Distinguished High School Awards, University Music Major Scholarships, Symphony Student Player Music Lessons Scholarships, and Grants evaluation.

Young Musicians Recitals: Help organize recitals for young students at the Colonnades on Barracks Road, 4 times a year. Assist with annual Adult recital in May.

Tuition Scholarships: Assist with determining financial help to families who need support in providing private music lessons for their children.