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Competition 2020 Winners

Each year the WMC holds a competition for music camp scholarships and monetary prizes. It is open to any student in Charlottesville City and the contiguous Counties surrounding it, as well as those who study with WMC members. Applicants must be recommended by their music teachers. The Annual WMC Competition is held in the late winter, and winners perform at a recital in their honor in March.

Last year’s competition (2019) was held at First Presbyterian Church where a total of 49 young musicians competed for 23 monetary prizes and music camp scholarships. Seven distinguished judges spent up to 8 hours listening to the performances, carefully rating each soloist. A total of $13,000 was awarded to the winners in 2019.

Thank you to all competitors, accompanists, teachers, and parents! All rating sheets will be mailed to the competitors' teachers.  Accompanist Fee Application and any other questions can be directed to: competition@wednesdaymusicclub.org

Our programs are supported in part by funds listed below, which have been created through donations by WMC members, friends, and families in memory of Club members. The Club welcomes contributions to these funds, which can be sent to:

The Wednesday Music Club
P.O. Box 7642
Charlottesville, VA 22906


The Robert W. Smith, Jr. Fund
The William Blackford Scholarship Fund
The Yvaine Duisit Youth Scholarship Fund
The Allison Phillips Hamilton Fund
The Peggy Romer Camp Scholarship Fund
The Meda McNeir Tilman Scholarship Fund
The Eleanor Gray Shea Fund
The Kenneth Hindman Scholarship Fund
The Wednesday Music Club Members Scholarship Fund

2020 Music Scholarship Competition Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 WMC Competition Winners!

All Senior Category winners, all Junior Camp Category winners, Senior Camp Category winners, as well as the first place winners in the High School Category will perform their pieces and receive their prizes at the WMC Competition Recital on Sunday, March 1st at 2:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville.  The composition winners will receive their prizes in the mail except for the first place winner who will attend the Winner's recital prepared to either play their piece, have someone else play their piece, or have a high-quality recording to be played over the church sound system.


Crystal Feng, piano ~ Robert Smith Jr. Scholarship (teacher Jeanne Jackson)

Tianhan Huang, piano ~ William Blackford Scholarship (teacher Nayla Khakimova)

Margaret James, violin ~ Meda McNeir Tilman Scholarship (teacher Dr. Daniel Sender)

Mathias Stewart, piano ~ Eleanor Gray Shea Scholarship (teacher Michael Anderson)

1st Alternate is Jonah Harris, piano (teacher Jeanne Jackson), 2nd Alternate is Zaharra Elena Gioia Colla, piano (teacher Shelby Sender), Honorable Mention is Michael Price, trumpet (teacher Don Brubaker)



Rose Bittle, clarinet ~ Peggy Romer Camp Scholarship (teacher James Tobin)

Peter Chung, piano ~ Yvaine Duisit Scholarship (teacher Nicole Yang)

Samuel Hall, trumpet ~ Wednesday Music Club Member Scholarship (teacher Don Brubaker)

Katharina Ravichandran, cello ~ Kenneth Hindman Scholarship (teacher Lynanne Wilson)

1st Alternate is Nyah Catherine-Lim, harp (teacher Virginia Schweninger), 2nd Alternate is Claire Engler, flute (teacher Angela Kelly)



First Prize: Liam Harris, piano (teacher Jeanne Jackson)

Second Prize: Reid Dodson, flute (teacher Angela Kelly)

Third Prize: tie: Madeline Evans, harp (teacher Virginia Schweninger) and Catherine Zimmerman, harp (teacher Virginia Schweninger)

All prizes provided by The Eleanor Gray Shea Scholarship and the Robert W. Smith, Jr. Scholarship Fund


HIGH SCHOOL CATEGORY WINNERS (Two 1st and Two 2nd prizes)

First Prize:  Laura Perez Cutright, viola (teacher Ayn Balija)

First Prize:  Julia Nagel, flute (teacher Angela Kelly)

Second Prize: Dante Walker, piano (teacher Noriko Donahue)

Second Prize: Erin Yo, violin (teacher Wanchi Huang)

(Honorable Mention: Gavin Harris, cello (teacher Andrew Gabbert) and Hinke Younger, violin (teacher Julie Wilkinson)

All prizes provided by The Allison Phillips Hamilton Fund, The Wednesday Music Club Member Fund, and The Robert W. Smith, Jr. Fund



First Prize: Peter Chung (teacher Nicole Yang)

Second Prize: Penelope Tingley (teacher Shelby Sender)

Honorable Mention: Sarah Ballif (teacher Michele Carragan) and Love Li (teacher Nicole Yang)

All prizes provided by The Wednesday Music Club Member Fund


Competition Documents

Competition Rules [pdf]

List of Area Accompanists [pdf]

Accompanist Fee Application [pdf]

Music Camp List [pdf]